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Like a hazy figure emerging out of the heavy Oregon fog. He is Pavel Kudlanov. Pavel enjoys programming, skiing, traveling, and making up things to use as placeholders. He does not enjoy extreme posing though, but will do what needs to be done. Your well being is safe in his presence because he treats you like he wants to be treated himself.

Planning applications to development and all the way to deployment. This software engineer has worked every facet of the software development lifecycle and enjoys it like children on Christmas day!

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The idea behind ArtAround was a professional social media platform to connect artists and galleries. Kind of like LinkedIn but for the creative crowd.

  • Seperate front-end and back-end
  • Auth0 for authenticating users
  • Google Cloud Storage to store images users upload
  • MongoDB to store user data
  • ReactDropzone to upload the file on the front-end
  • Multer used to upload file on the back-end
  • REST API, using express and MongoDB

Slack Meetup Bot

TWe created this back-end project in hopes of providing a more social aspect for finding meetups. It displays who in the channel signed up for what meetup so you can decide if you want to go with or avoid your friends.

  • Cheerio NPM package to scrape a website to get all the meetups
  • Slack API to create the meetup bot which responds to users commands
  • MongoDB to store the current meetup data, and user data
  • REST Api, using express and MongoDB
  • Aggregations for the various API routes

Kanbanify - Trello Clone

This is a project management app that allows users to create workspaces and specific tasks to distribute work efficiently. Cards with tasks can be moved around from one board to another with menu commands. You can also add collaborators to workspaces so they can contribute to projects.

  • Firebase used as database for data storage
  • User could login using google, or regular email
  • Minipulated non-relational firebase data
  • Vanilla JavaScript and heavy Component structure for the whole app

Simon Game - Kim Jong Gone

This was a nontraditional play on the traditional Simon game. The game plays a sequence of buttons, and the user tried to repeat the sequence. Our twist on it was by using a regular ten key number pad instead of the traditional four buttons. The idea was you are trying to diffuse an explosive charge.

  • The core of the project was vanilla JavaScript
  • Data was stored in local storage
  • Minipulated DOM elements with JavaScript
  • Incorporated sounds and timedevents

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